A Chat with Trevor Horn
On October 8 1999 Trevor Horn spoke to those fans, including me, who managed to get into Yahoo's ungodly Java chat system. The moderated chat allowed us to throw some questions at the master who was on his cell phone, apparently stuck in traffic jam somewhere on the US West Coast.

The event was thought as some sort of promotion for the new AON album and the tour currently underway in the U.S., but soon most of us just used this rare opportunity to ask him about all other kinds of things. Trevor proved to be quite easy going... until he reached his destination when the chat was quite suddenly terminated. Although many more questions where asked than those few that actually made it past the Yahoo-host, most of us where pretty happy about this rare chance.

His favorite tracks on the 'Seduction...' album are the first and the last. His all time favorite peaces of music are 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence' by Ryuichi Sakamoto and the music from the movie 'Taxi Driver' by Bernard Herrman. He said he likes most of his own records, but among his best are 'Slave to the Rythm' and 'Kiss from a Rose' as well as the Yes album '90125'. Trevor said the artist he is still waiting to produce some day is David Bowie. (I can't wait for that to happen!)

He regrets he never had the opportunity to work with Dean Martin. He also believes that he and Seal won't work together again since it proved to be so difficult the last time (see below for details). However, he said that working on Seal's first album was his favorite experience. Kraftwerk had the biggest impact on his work: 'I always admired their prescision and the way that they seemed to create a little world'. Towards the end of the chat Trevor mentioned that he is working on a musical about robots...

When I couldn't help but ask him about whether he knew any web sites on him he gave an ...irritating answer:

trevor_horn_1999: I visited one of them once and I felt a little embarrassed.
trevor_horn_1999: Some of the facts were wrong
trevor_horn_1999: I also felt a little inhibited. My children visit them frequently and
trevor_horn_1999: constantly quote things from them, like
trevor_horn_1999: allegations that I used drugs.
trevor_horn_1999: But I think that they are proud that someone actually
trevor_horn_1999: took the time to do a website on me.

It was quite obvious that he was talking about this site. The thing he said about 'drugs' annoyed me quite a bit. Obviously that is a misunderstanding, since I did not want to portray Trevor Horn as a drug user! Since his children seem to be the deciding nexus between this site and Trevor and since I can't stand a misunderstanding where there is not supposed to be one, and since I also don't care whether he or his kids actually care or not about this, I temporarily had put up a special page just for Trevor's web surfing offspring.

In there I clarified the 'drug-bit' in the hope that this might make it through to Mr. Horn and change his attitude towards this site so that he might eventually once take the time to maybe give me a direct hint about what the factual errors are. My guess is, that he refers to the parts in his biography that talk about his early musical endeavours. Information about TCH's Dark Ages are sketchy at best, so that complaint does not really surprise me.

Btw, the page to the kids fortunately made it through to them so I could take it down after they got my point!

Don't forget to check out the whole Chat-transcript here!

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