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Also, please note that any pseudo-religious connotations are not meant to offend anyone. Its sole purpose is a sense of self-irony paroding the ductus of typical 'fan-sites'. No offense!

Again, this site's only mission is to praise the Horn and spread pleasure for those with an ear for finer details - nothing else.

2. No... I am N-O-T Trevor Horn, and, NO, I can not tell him to produce your music!! This site is UNOFFICIAL! So, please do not offer to send me tapes/mp3s/cds/DATs/MDs or flame me for not producing your music!!

3. Please excuse my at times pretty faulty English. Several quotes from Trevor Horn were printed in German, so I had to translate them back into English. I am sure He knows how to speak properly...

And now... time to say THANKS!

First and foremost to: Wouter Weyland. well as to: 'The Flair' and to Chris Bowles! Thank you so much!

Special Thanks go to: The living Yes-archive and transportation guru Rush Wickes, and:

...the truly and helplessly obsessed, amazing and inevitable expert, the one and only ZTT-addict and Apollo440's representative on the continent: Jörg Fitzner.

Extraordinarily Salutations go to: Daniel Parkinson-Vermeil.

Following: Jamie Sefton, 'Hendrik' for the Synclavier add, Patrick Gigase and Steve Mountford.

Finally: Many short notes by many helpful people from around the world (Wow!), as well as other sources (mostly from greater London.......) who prefer to stay anonymous...for they might suffer His 20bit true-digital-wide stereo ultra reverbed roar of rage hard (after a pre- main- and postproduction phase of not less than six months for each final minute....)
Thank You All!

Other Sources of information include German and American "Keyboards" - magazine, British "Q", "The Face", German "Keys", "Fachblatt Musikmagazin", "Musikexpress Sounds", "SWR-3", my favourite radio station, and the Wonderful World Wide World of the World Wide Web.

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