What's This Fuss All About?!
You may ask yourself: "Why the heck should someone make a page about a producer and not the more glamorous performers?"

Well... I always enjoyed listening to music from - what I thought - different styles, directions and artists. Throughout the years I realized that, regardless of the differences, all "my" music had something in common that fascinated me. I felt as if the music took me on some sort of journey where I could make out more and more details each time I travelled through the accoustic landscape. It was after this realization, when I started paying more attention to the credits on each record.

I soon found the mysterious link: "Produced by Trevor Horn" seemed to be enough, to give such different kinds of music as Seal's Soul or Frankie's Pop a certain connection. A new producer-worshiper was born...just kidding, btw.

The Divine Smile Of Ancient Producer WisdomSo, join me...and follow the links from the menu located under the holy beacon on the left: The Divine Smile Of Ancient Producer Wisdom! Sometimes you can see it floating in the air above the hard working speakers of your stereo...

This site was established in early 1995 and is for pure entertainment and "education" only. No money is made with it, and I am NOT connected to Trevor Horn or his company in any official way.

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