A Personal Letter By Trevor Horn

In the early 1990s René from Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, received this letter from Trevor Horn. Look at the 'H' logo in the ZTT-ish design, and scroll down for the story behind this unexpected encounter with The Master. Thanks, René!

The story:
René, an 'ordinary' fan from Germany, wrote to ZTT, asking 'them' if they had a copy of 'Suddenly There Came A Bang' left in stock. Not only did they have one - they sent it to him just like that signed by Trevor Horn!

In addition, René had enclosed a letter with a list of all the Horn productions he knew about. He asked 'them' if there were any productions missing, as well as some specific questions about the whereabouts of some former members of Mr. Horn's team. What he received was the kind handwritten letter by The Master himnself as you can see above. What a nice surprise!

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