added April 14 2007:
The Producers - New Song and Video WITH Trevor
Trevor Horn teamed up with some of his old producer pals including the rarely seen Stephen Lipson and Lol Crème, as well as Chris Braide and Ash Soan. They call their band - surprise - The Producers and thus produced their first joint album with the single 'Freeway'. Naturally, their label is ZTT!

It all started in November 2006 with a concert in camden, UK, playing covers including 'Video Killed The Radio Star'. A second gig followed in February 2007 where they played some own material for the first time. During the gigs they were supported by some of Trevor's old and current crew: Luis Jardim, David Jordan, Bruce Woolley, Will Young, Anne Dudley, and Lucinda Barry as well as Jamie Cullum.

Check out a video of 'Freeway' from THE PRODUCERS OFFICIAL SITE on YouTube!

added October 22 2006:
Captain's Debut Album Released
A little late on this site, but just to keep up with the developments: The album called 'This is Hazlewood'has been released in the late summer. However, it only made a brief appearance in the UK top 40. Captain's second single 'Glorious' reached the highest chart positon at #30.

added April 20 2006:
Trevor ...Near Stage
According to the official Pet Shop Boys website:
Exclusive concert - 10 April '06 On May 8th, Pet Shop Boys will be performing an exclusive concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra which will be recorded for transmission on BBC Radio 2 later that month. The musical director of the show will be Trevor Horn, producer of the new PSB album 'Fundamental', and the concert will feature songs from the new album as well as PSB hits and album tracks. Some of the songs will be sung by special guests.
If you live in the UK, you have a chance to win tickets to the concert which will take place at the Mermaid Theatre in London.

added April 20 2006:
'Fundamental' Details + Advance Review
The POPJUSTICE WEBSITE has some detailed info on the upcoming Pet Shop Boys / Trevor Horn album. Check it out!

Also, some othere details ans quotes about the album can be found at TOP40-CHARTS.COM. They quote Trevor Horn: 'I have always wanted to make a whole album with Pet Shop Boys. This album shows off their wonderful song-writing and is a record that I think only the three of us together could have made.'

added April 19 2006, thanks to Daniel Parkinson-Vermeil:
Trevor Horn On BBC Radio
BBC Radio 2 has just started a new series of 'The Record Producers' on Monday April 17th. The programme lasted for 60 mins and it featured Trevor Horn. Unlike previous series it featured an insight on how Trevor approaches things on record production. For those who missed it you can have a chance to listen to again on BBC RADIO 2.

added April 18 2006:
'Fundamental' To Be Released!
The latest Pet Shop Boys album is coming to the stores on May 19th. The album has been produced by Trevor Horn and features 10 new songs written by the boys, as well as a short introductionand 'Numb', a Diane Warren tune, originally recorded for the 'PopArt' compilation in 2003.

Neil and Chris started writing in January 2005. Recording commenced last May, together with Trevor. This is what they said about the collaboration:
Chris Lowe: 'We've really enjoyed making this album with Trevor and his team and are very happy indeed with the finished result.'
Neil Tennant: 'It has become a big, shining pop-record. We think it's a great Pet Shop Boys album and also a great Trevor Horn record.'
Trevor Horn said, he had always wanted to produce an entire album with the Pet Shop Boys. The first single release will be 'I'm With Stupid' due out on May 8th.

added April 18 2006:
Speculation About Buggles Reformation
Former buggle Geoff Downes writes in his BLOG that he has been discussing with Trevor Horn about a new Buggles album that could be release to celebrate MTV's 25th anniversary this year. However, the blog has not been updated for quite some time and nothing more of the idea was heard.

added April 18 2006:
Trevor Horn has just signed the band GHOSTS to his own publishing company PERFECT SONGS LTD.. They say it is a six-figure-deal. The band is currently in Sweden to record their debut album. Whether Trevor Horn also features as a producer, I do not know as of now.

added April 18 2006: Thanks to Henry Pott's
Captain Horn ...And One More!
July will see a premier: The band Captain with their debut album 'This is Hazelville'. The entire album with its twelve tracks has been produced by Trevor Horn. You can have a listen to it HERE.

Captain caught Horn's attention while playing in support of The Delays. Horn has produced their current single 'Valentine'.

You can find more info about these bands on
Henry Pott's excellent website: 'Where are the now?'.

added April 18 2006:
Enrique's Death In Our Arms Delayed
The threaten..announced Enrique Iglesias album Trevor Horn and the 'artist', as well as Geoff Downes, are working on which is supposed to include a cover of Cutting Crew's 'I just died in your arms tonight' has been delayed. There are rumors that this is due to the studio electronics processing the voice of Iglesias mysteriously refusing work at first and later software-crashing the whole studio setup each time Enrique came near the microphone... just kidding! Originally the album was due out in November 2005.

added April 18 2006:
Another Boyband Alert
The formation is called G4 with a debut album of the same name. It consists of cover songs. The producing power behind it ist Brian Rawling, infamous for his work with aforementioned Enrique and Cher. Trevor Horn however contributed his production genius on two tracks, 'Circle of Life' and 'My Way'. Trevor Horn also remixed their debut single 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. So, you can find Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' sung by G4 produced by Brian Rawling in the 'Trevor Horn Mix'.

added August 30 2005:
Trevor Horn And The Pet Shop Boys...
...have been in and out the studio together for the past months now working on the boy's forthcoming album, which is due in spring 2006.

In a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph Neil Tennant said:
"The next album's definitely going to be more epic [...] the songs we've been writing are more like 'It's a Sin'. We've been working with Trevor Horn again and he wants us to do something that sounds like Pink Floyd."
The album will consist of nine songs, all or the very most produced by Trevor Horn, including "Numb", written by Dianne warren, that was originally intended for last year's "PopArt" compilation. The Pet Shop Boys described the first songs Trevor produced as "epic" while the songs they are currently working on are described at "more electronic". ...We shall hear.

added August 30 2005, thanks to Mark Wasiel:
News from Trevor And t.A.T.u.
The Russian girl's new album "Dangerous And Moving" due in October, will contain one song that has been written and produced by Trevor Horn. The tune called “Craving” has been recorded at Sarm West Coast studio in Los Angeles.

The first single "All About Us" can already be heard on the radio and will be released towards the end of September.

On another, older, note, you might want to check out this VIDEO. It shows the girls and Trevor Horn working at Sarm West on their first album.

added August 30 2005:
Scary Trevor Horn News
On a rather disturbing note, there are rumors that Trevor Horn is currently working with ...Enrique Iglesias. Apparently even Geoff Downes has been entrangled in the project. Also, Enrique is covering Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight" - would fit of course... However, since so far no more details are available, we all can still hope this is not true...

added April 2nd 2005:
Concert DVD Announced
Last fall's "Produced by Trevor Horn" concert in Wembley has been filmed in High Definition Technology by the BBC, the multitrack sound is currently been remixed by Trevor Horn. The whole thing is bound for release on DVD in the early summer.

Some details about the production can be found here at this BBC-Site is this.

added November 26 2004:
Another Produced By... Review
A much shorter alternative to my REVIEW is this REVIEW by musicOMH.

added November 21 2004:
Produced By... Album Review
Just in time for tomorrows release of Trevor Horn's best of album I wrote a way too long REVIEW of the record. Enjoy!

added November 17 2004, thanks to various:
Concert Reviews And Photo Album
Thanks to TwsLex from the forum, there is an excellent photo album with pictures from the concert that can be found here:

Furthermore, there are a variety of reviews out there:
  • A good but faulty one (Simple Minds only played in the author's head) by The Scotsman.
  • A positive one from an obscure website that Ian Peel reposted right here in the forum.
  • Last and probably least, a not very nice review by The Guardian.

    Also, David Lundholm was so nice to send in his own impressions of the concert to give you a good overview:
    Acts were in a sort of chronological order but the chronological bit sort of fell apart quite quickly - although there were very few pauses between acts - it was slickly staged.

    Key memories:
  • Missed the opening because security for Prince Charles meant long queues. Think TH played Video killed at this stage.
  • Dollar: Well, it was kinda nice to hear 2 early TH mixes again even if the songs haven't lasted.
  • ABC: had Martin Fry and the original drummer (as seen in the recent MTV Bands reunited feature on ABC), with Nick Beggs ex of Kajagoogoo playing bass (and he looked very silly in his leather kilt and Elizabeth Shue shaggy perm (as seen in the Tom Cruise film Cocktail), although he's not a half-bad bass player). Did Poison Arrow, All of my Heart and Look of Love. Crowd loved them.
  • Grace Jones: did Slave to the Rhythm, amazing outfit, got the video replayed (and it's stunning - the one that has GJ spitting out a Citroen car out of her mouth in the desert). GJ thanked her "fucking slaves" - which they might edit out of the DVD!
  • Belle and Sebastian were pleasant but I'm not a fan.
  • TH did the first Art of Noise song. Excellent.
  • Propoganda did Dr Mabuse but no Duel....which I think is their masterpiece.
  • Yes did a rather tedious rock jam before doing Owner of a Lonely Heart. It was too loud, with vocals from its writer, the rhythm guitar player. They had Steve and Chris from the original Yes line up. The recorded version is great but this was disappointing.
  • Lisa Stansfield did one song from her new album, produced by TH. Not that memorable.
  • Seal was stand-out artist of the evening - did Killer, Kiss from a Rose and Crazy. I remember seeing him just after the first album came out - he played Brixton Academy - and he was amazing then, and he was amazing this time round. More live gigs please!
  • FGTH did a superb "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome", a good Two Tribes and excellent "Relax". Their new singer, Ryan Malloy, (read here how he was recruited - LINK) was absolutely superb and got Holly Johnson better than HJ did himself. I saw FTGH in 1983 or 84 at the Camden Palace - and they were pretty dire then - they were amazing last night. But no "Power of Love" - which was very sad.

  • added November 15 2004, thanks to Jeff Hough and Bev Nathan:
    More Photos from the Concert
    Check out this excellent picture by Jeff Hough of Trevor Horn playing:

    Also, there are several commercial photographers / wire services offering photos for download. It costs money, but the previews are free.
    Ghetti Images.
    WhireImage (search for know who!)

    added November 12 2004, thanks to Richard Shea:
    First PHOTOS from the Concert
    Richard Shea managed to upload the first pictures of the Wembley concert. He notes that they were hastily uploaded and that there is more to come, but they already give a great impression of the event. Thanks, Richard!

    Check them out: HERE!

    added November 12 2004:
    !!! What a Night !!!
    The concert is over and it was great. Stay tuned, I will soon (hopefully) have eye-witness reports and photos up here!

    added November 12 2004:
    Trevor Horn Quiz
    Some trivia for you, I have to admit that I only scored eight out of ten. Try it yourself here.

    added November 10 2004:
    One Day To THE Day...
    ...of the Wembely concert! And so many questions...
    1. Will it be broadcast live?
    2. Will there be a DVD?
    3. Will there be surprise appearances.

    The answers:
    1. Yes, on radio, but apparently not live. 'Magic 1054', a London area radio station will be 'presenting' the concert - whatever that means. They will very probably broadcast excerpts or a recording of the concert. You can listen to it via the web on their site or via Sky satellite on channel 930.
    2. Unconfirmed, but the answer should very, very likely be 'Yes'.
    3. According to Ian Peel who just interviewed Trevor Horn for the upcoming issue of 'Sound On Sound' magazine there will be two artists appearing that no one has on his radar screen yet. Grace Jones seems higly likely, but nothig more can be said unfortunately.

    added November 10 2004:
    Trevor Horn Interviews
    With the date of the Wembley concert coming nearer, Trevor Horn talked to several newspapers. Check the interviews out before they disappear into cyber-nirvana:
    'The Times'
    'The Independent'
    'The Telegraph' - with a one week diary of Trevor getting ready for the concert!

    added November 10 2004:
    Trevor Horn Compilation Album
    November 22nd 2004 will be a historic day - on this day 'Produced By Trevor Horn' a two disc compilation album will be released. It is the first time in music history *dramatic pause* that the link between all songs on a 'Best of...' compilation album is the producer - and not the artist!

    The best of TCH materializes in your ears through the voices and sounds of more than a dozen different musical acts! So, November 22nd from now on will propably be a day marked in all the history books to come. (This date marks also the 41st anniversary of the assassination of JFK, but that might be totally coincidental, unless Paul Morley has anything to do with the sleeve-notes, which I don't know at the moment.)

    Anyway, the tracklisting:
    1. Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star
    2. ABC – Poison Arrow
    3. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax
    4. LeAnn Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight
    5. Pet Shop Boys – Left To My Own Devices
    6. Dollar – Give Me Back My Heart
    7. Seal – Crazy
    8. Lisa Stansfield – Say It To Me Now
    9. Shane MacGowan – You’re The One
    10. Godley and Crème – Cry
    11. Art Of Noise – Il Pluere [At The Turn Of The Century]
    12. Buggles – Living In The Plastic Age
    13. Dollar – Mirror Mirror
    14. Spandau Ballet – Instinction
    15. Belle & Sebastion – I’m A Cuckoo
    16. The Frames – Angel At My Table
    17. Simple Minds – Mandela Day
    18. taTu – All The Things She Said
    1. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    2. Art Of Noise – Beat Box [Diversion]
    3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes [Hibakusha Mix]
    4. ABC – Look Of Love [Parts One & Two]
    5. Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright [10” Version]
    6. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
    7. Art Of Noise – Moments In Love
    8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power Of Love
    9. Simple Minds – Belfast Child
    10. Seal – Loneliest Star
    11. Propaganda – Das Testament des Dr Mabuse [13th Life Mix]
    12. Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals [Scratch Mix] 13. ABC – All Of My Heart
    Furthermore, according to ZTT, there will be an interview with Trevor Horn and comments to each song featured with the album.

    added October 20 2004:
    Trevor Horn And Pet Shop Boys
    Trevor Horn and the Pet Shop Boys recently reunited after more than 15 years (they worked together for the PSB's "Introspective" album) to work on a new song called "Numb". On this great fansite, Trevor Horn is quoted with some details about "Numb":

    "It's a song called 'Numb', which goes from electronic to acoustic and back again, twice, with a 50-piece orchestra. There's everything on there except electric guitar, Neil Tennant had to remind me 'We don't do those'."

    According to Trevor Horn, the song was originally planned for release with their "Pop Art" album. However, it is now going to be included in their next studio album.

    added October 12 2004, thanks to stevenjc:
    More Details On Trevor Horn Wembley Concert
    Colored ads appeared in British newspapers with a list of participating artists as well as a playlist. The performers will be:

    Seal - Pet Shop Boys - Yes Simpleminds - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - ABC Buggles - Art Of Noise Lisa Stansfield - Propaganda - Belle And Sebastian

    The playlist: Crazy, Killer, Kiss From A Rose, Left To My Own Devices, Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Leave It, Belfast Child, Relax, Two Tribes, Power Of Love, All Of My Heart, Poison Arrow, Look Of Love, Video Killed The Radio Star, Living In The Plastic Age, Moments In Love, When Love Breaks Down, Dr.Mabuse, I'm A Cuckoo, Step Into My Office and many more...

    Trevor Horn's offical site has also been updated with some details added in a pop-up window.

    added October 12 2004:
    Favourite Horn Production - Survey Results
    After 16-way-too-long-months of taking votes, here are the results of the survey taken among the visitors of this site about their favourite Trevor Horn production:

     1. - 14.85% - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
     2. - 10.71% - Grace Jones (Slave to the Rhythm)
     3. - 10.17% - Buggles

     4. - 9.36% - Art of Noise (Early 1980s)
     5. - 9.18% - Yes (90125)
     6. - 8.64% - ABC (Lexicon of Love)
     7. - 8.37% - Propaganda
     8. - 7.83% - Seal (I/II)
     9. - 4.95% - Art of Noise (Seduction)
    10. - 3.06% - Various (among that notably Mike Oldfield)

    11. - 2.88% - Simple Minds (Street Fighting Yrs)
                       - Seal (III/IV)
    13. - 2.43% - t.A.T.u.
    14. - 1.71% - Malcolm McLaren (Duck Rock)
    15. - 1.08% - Film Music (Toys, Coyote Ugly, etc.)
    16. - 0.45% - Rod Steward / Paul McCartney
                       - Eros Ramazotti / Tina Turner In total of 1111 votes have been taken. Of course this can hardly be interpreted as a representative survey of the world's Horn fans... Also, my selection of items can be debated. Nevertheless, it shows some tendencies - all productions in the top-eight are older than ten years - the true classics are hard to beat.

    added October 11 2004, thanks to Mark Wasiel:
    ABC - Lexicon Of Love Deluxe Double-CD
    Due out November 15th in the U.K. the classic album by ABC and Trevor Horn will be re-released as a remastered two-cd pack, complete with new liner notes by Trevor Horn and a collection of previously unreleased bonus tracks, demos and live versions.

    According to ABC's official site, "Lexicon of Love" "..launched the production career of Trevor Horn; because of the timeless qualities of the material, it remains a permanently fresh listen." So, you might want to check it out...

    Some details:
    ABC - Lexicon of Love

    Number of Discs:2
    Label: Universal
    ASIN: B00042YL4A
    Catalogue Number: 9824373

    Disc: 1
    1. Show Me
    2. Poison Arrow
    3. Many Happy Returns
    4. Tears Are Not Enough
    5. Valentine's Day
    6. The Look Of Love
    7. Date Stamp
    8. All Of My Heart
    9. 4 Ever 2 Gether
    10. The Look Of Love (part IV)
    11. Overture
    12. Tears Are Not Enough (7")
    13. Alphabet Soup (12")
    14. Theme from "Man Trap"
    15. Poison Arrow (Jazz Mix)
    16. Into The Valley Of The Heathen Go (Lexicon Of Love out-take, 5/82)
    17. Alphabet Soup (BBC Swap Shop Version 29/11/81)

    Disc: 2
    1. Tears Are Not Enough (Phonogram demo 20th July 1981)
    2. Show Me (Phonogram demo 20th July 1981)
    3. Surrender (Phonogram demo 20th July 1981)
    4. Overture (Live, November 1982)
    5. Show Me (Live, November 1982)
    6. Many Happy Returns (Live, November 1982)
    7. Tears Are Not Enough (Live, November 1982)
    8. Date Stamp (Live, November 1982)
    9. The Look Of Love (Live, November 1982)
    10. All Of My Heart (Live, November 1982)
    11. Valentine's Day (Live, November 1982)
    12. 4 Ever 2 Gether (Live, November 1982)
    13. Alphabet Soup (Live, November 1982)
    14. Poison Arrow (Encore) (Live, November 1982)
    More details and some comments from the group can be found here.

    added October 9 2004:
    Bridget Jones And Trevor Horn
    The girl band Sugababes is going to re-release their single "Overload" for the upcoming "Bridget Jones: The End Of Reason" movie. The obvious reason why I mention this here is, that "Overload 2004" has been produced by Trevor Horn.

    added October 9 2004:
    Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer And Ireland
    Teaming up with Irish singer Moya Brennan to produce her song "Tell Me Now (Who You See)", Trevor Horn once again shows that he does not want to limit himself to a certain style of music.

    Moya Brennan has been known as one of the voices of Clannad, one of the most respected performers of Celtic-Irish music. You can find out more about Moya Brennan at her official site. "Tell Me Now (Who You See)" is featured in the movie "King Arthur".

    On an interesting side-note, "Tell Me Now" also marks another new collaboration between Trevor Horn and Hans Zimmer, old friend from the 1970s and now world famous soundtrack composer. Hans Zimmer is responsible for "King Arthur's" soundtrack and originally approached Moya Brennan.

    added October 7 2004:
    Lisa Stansfield / Trevor Horn Record Released
    One of the most prominent British voices finally teamed up with the island's top-producer. Lisa Stansfield's latest album "The Moment" has been produced by Trevor Horn, and was released a few days ago.

    To hear some exclusive tidbids of her new sound you should check out this great fan-site Lisa Stansfield

    One of the more remarkable details found among the sleeve-notes is, that apparently Trevor Horn finally teamed up with his old Art Of Noise colleague Gary Langan again! They are said to have not worked together in many years. Gary played an essential part in forming the unique ZTT-Sound in the eighties.

    added September 17 2004, thanks to Irv:
    Trevor Horn Interview
    With the Wembley concert coming closer, Trevor Horn gave a long and interesting interview to the Evening Chronicle, a newspaper based in Newcastle, U.K.

    In the interview with Gordon Barr, Trevor talks about how he got into music when he was a boy, about his latest projects, including an accoustic "Best of..." album with Seal and, of course, the upcoming Wembley concert.

    You should definitely check it out here.

    added July 22 2004, thanks to Jamie Sefton et al:
    More On Trevor Horn's Anniversary Concert
    More and more information regarding this landmark event for all Trevor Horn enthusiasts are surfacing. The concert is scheduled for November 11th.

    The artists confirmed to appear so far are:
    The Art Of Noise
    Belle & Sebastian
    Lisa Stansfield
    Pet Shop Boys
    ...and as a special surprise: The master himself with The Buggles!!
    Tickets can be bought at the Wembley Arena Site.
    You can also find an annoucement on Trevor Horn's Official Site.

    added, a little late, on July 22 2004:
    Trevor Goes Olympic!
    The first global Torch Relay in the history of the Olympic Games that started earlier this year under the motto "Pass the Flame, Unite the World" has its very own song. It is called "Pass The Flame" and performed by the Greek singer Yiannis Kotsiras. It has been produced by Trevor Horn who also co-wrote the song in collaboration with his old buddy Lol Creme and Yiannis Kotsiras.

    The official single is a joint prpducts by EMI Music International, the International Olympic Committee, and the Organising Committee for the XXVIII Olympic Games in Athens. The cd features a Greek and an English version of song as well as an instrumental version.

    added July 11 2004, thanks to Henry Potts:
    Trevor Horn Anniversary Compilation & Concert!
    The long rumored CD compilation to celebrate Trevor Horn's 25th anniversary as a successful producer is about to become reality! In addition to the CD (details hopefully soon) the anniversary will be highlighted by a concert at London's new Wembley Arena scheduled for November. The concert will benefit The Prince's Trust, accordung to this company, that has gotten the order to design the CD's sleeve and packaging.

    added October 2003:
    Trevor Goes To Texas
    Our master produced the first track on the new Texas album "Careful What You Wish For". "Telephone X" gives the album an interesting opening, starting with a ringing telephone followed by a distorted female voice and guitars. The album is due out this month.

    added October 2003:
    Trevor Goes To Hollywood - Again
    Trevor Horn produced most of the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts. The movie's story "about an art history professor with a lot to teach about life and much to learn about romance" (Quote from the films official site takes place in the 1950s. Fittingly, the soundtrack features songs from that period, performed by modern singers.

    Among the artists produced by Trevor are: Seal, Tori Amos, Elton John, Celine Dion, Macy Gray and Lisa Stansfield... and... The Trevor Horn Orchestra The soundtrack has been released by Epic/Sony Music Soundtrax.

    And two more soundtracks are to be graced by Trevor Horn productions:

    Sinhead O'Connor: "One More Day" for the movie "Veronica Guerin".
    Yolanda Adams: "If We Could Remember" for the movie "The Sum Of All Fears"

    added October 27 2003:
    Frankie Goes To Hollywood Reunited ?!
    According to the soon to be launched official site all five original members of the group came back together for the first time since their split - ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Apparently, they have been invited to London to feature in a TV show which is bound for broadcast later this year. More details are probably soon to be found at the offical site mentioned above...

    added October 27 2003, thanks to Karl:
    Repertoire Re-releases for fall 2003
    Announced for 10.11.2003:

    1. New PROPAGANDA Release:
    CD/DVD Propaganda "A secret wish"
    Re-Release of the Original 1985 CD with Bonus DVD in 5.1 tune

    CD: Propaganda - A secret wish
    9:08 Dream Within A Dream (extended and remixed)
    5:13 The Murder Of Love
    6:23 Jewel (cut rough minus the first cut intro)
    4:43 Duel (cd remix)
    4:25 Frozen Faces
    3:50 p:Machinery (single mix)
    3:27 Sorry For Laughing
    4:05 The Chase
    10:42 Das Testament Des Mabuse/Strength To Dream ["Dr. Mabuse"]

    DVD (Code 0) 5.1:
    1 Dr. Mabuse (Version 1)
    2 Dr. Mabuse (Version 2)
    3 Duel (Version 1)
    4 Duel (Version 2)
    5 p-machinery

    2. New PROPAGANDA Release:
    DVD Propaganda - Video Collection:
    DVD (Code 0) 5.1:
    1 Dr. Mabuse (Version 1)
    2 Dr. Mabuse (Version 2)
    3 Duel (Version 1)
    4 Duel (Version 2)
    5 p-machinery
    6 Dream Within A Dream (ZTT - The Value Of Entertainment taken from Laserdisc)
    7 Dr. Mabuse (ZTT - The Value Of Entertainment taken from Laserdisc)
    8 Propaganda: Duel (ZTT - The Value Of Entertainment taken from Laserdisc)
    9 p:Machinery (ZTT - The Value Of Entertainment taken from Laserdisc)

    3. even announced: CD/DVD "Art Of Noise - into battle" with 4 tracks DVD Bonus Disc

    (Moments in love, beatbox promo version, Close to edit V2, Metaforce)

    added October 19 2003:
    Trevor Horn - Rediscovered By The Music Industry
    Recently, there have been some strange things going on regarding Trevor Horn and his status as a top producer. Apparantly, the huge commercial success of t.A.T.u. caused quite a stir in the business that has been longing for fresh ideas that are at the same time commercially successfull for years.

    Rumors have it that Trevor Horn has been approached by Dido and even, heaven forbid, Britney Spears.

    According to a member of the forum (see under on the left menu) Seal was quoted in the Belgian newspaper 'De Morgen', expressing his admiration for Trevor Horn. In his opinion, the world had forgotten about Trevor's capabilities until he produced t.A.T.u.. From that moment on, according to Seal, Trevor Horn's telephone keeps ringing - all sorts of people (see above) want him to produce their next album. As if, Seal states, the man had forgotten how to produce a commercial pop-song until the t.A.T.u. breakthrough.

    This development, as well as the 20th anniversary of ZTT, might be some of the reasons for ZTT's renewed 'web-awareness'. They closed down one of the oldest and best Frankie Goes To Hollywod sites which, as rumors have it, will be forced to mutate into an official site and relaunched later this year. Also there seems to be an official Trevor Horn site dawning in on the horizon. My site has been up for nearly eight years and finally (!!!) they have the idea of starting something themselves... I am really curious (and will keep you posted) as to what will happen next...

    For even more news, please see the News Archive.

    The Trevor Horn Worship Hall -
    Comments? Please Email !

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