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Trevor Horn in 2004.

Trevor being interview by CNN during the AON US Tour fall 1999.

Trevor live on stage with The Buggles at at the ZTT showcase in december 1998. See the special report about the event!

Trevor Horn
Trevor live on stage in Los Angeles in 1980. (Found at Yesman's Museum of Yes)

Trevor Horn
Trevor in the video to "Tempus Fugit" with Yes. (Thanks to Rush Wickes for the submit!)

Trevor Horn
Trevor assisting Seal in collecting the Grammys at the 1996 awards. (Found at Future Love Paradise site, see below)

Trevor Horn
Trevor Horn working at Sarm West on the last Tina Turner album as shown on Viva 2 (Germany) and VH-1 (USA). Found at Mark Wasiel's homepage.

Trevor Horn
Ad for a German synthie-store with Trevor's autograph and writing "Advantage through (hard) work", which is based on a similar slogan used by a German car manufacturer. Many thanks go to Thore-Bjoern Haugen for the submit!

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