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added October 19 2003:
Super Audio CD Releases
More and more classic Horn productions are being released on the new format Super Audio CD (SACD). The SACD contains three discrete recordings - a stereo CD mix, stereo Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and multichannel DSD. So, you can experience Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Art Of Noise and Propaganda in 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. ZTT pretty quiet for the recent time being is apparently looking forward to some new business momentum with the re-releases, according to some quotes from Trevor Horn.

This and more info can be found here.

added October 19 2003:
Trevor Horn And The Pet Shop Boys
Apparently they are cooperating for the upcoming greatest hits compilation called 'PopArt'. The double cd is scheduled for a release in late November. My guess would be a remix of 'Left To My Own Devices' and 'It's Alright". Check out their official site.

Also there is a radio documentary on the Pet Shop Boysscheduled for late October. According to their site it will be on BBC Radio 2. The first part will be broadcast on Saturday, October 25 from 9-10 pm. The second half will be transmitted a week later. You can listen to it here.

added October 19 2003:
Book On Trevor Horn
In his 'Pop Music - Technology and Creativity: Trevor Horn and the Digital Revolution' (Part of the Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series) the author Timothy J. Warner elaborates thoroughly and with scientific zeal the close knitted net of technology and musical creativity as exemplified by the work of our master Trevor Horn. (In case you checked out my Music and Technology page you can see his quote from 1994 right at the top that says it all...)

Considering the book which can easily be titled a 'must-read' for production-buffs, there isn't much more I could add to the words of the Amazon synopsis of the book. So, here it is, quoted from
"This text draws on the author's personal experience as a musician, producer and teacher of popular music to discuss the ways in which audio technology and musical creativity in pop music are inextricably bound together. This relationship, the book argues, is exemplified by the work of Trevor Horn, who is widely acknowledged as one of the most important, innovative and successful British pop record producers of the early 1980s. In the first part of the book, Timothy Warner presents a definition of pop as distinct from British rock music, and goes on to consider the equipment and working practices that result in the specific characteristics of pop music. Part two analyses seven influential recordings produced by Trevor Horn between 1979 and 1985, revealing how the creative use of technology in the modern pop recording studio has informed Horn's work. These analyses highlight the challenges that pop music poses to the music analyst."

added October 19 2003:
Belle And Sebastian
'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' is the result of the recent (and first time) collaboration of Belle and Sebatian with Trevor Horn. The album has been recoderd in Sussex and London and has been released last week. It is getting some pretty good reviews. Some of them can be found on their website.

Ben Thompson from the British 'Daily Telegraph' wrote this remarkable passage that once again shows what people connect with the name Trevor Horn:
"...this improbable coupling – between a producer celebrated for banishing the artists he's working with from the studio so that he can perfect his trademark multi-layered sound in their absence, and a band whose devotion to their own muse borders on infatuation – seems to have been entirely harmonious."
Another reviewer from the British 'Obsever' called Trevor Horn:
"the infamous synthetic Svengali"

added August 26 2003:
The Making of SEAL IV
Seal (IV) marks the return of one of the most symbiotical duos of musical genius: Trevor Horn and Seal, of course. After the split and one unreleased album the reunion seemed almost inevitable, according to Seal's own words:
"Trevor is an old-school producer genius. He knows how to read notes, he knows a lot about musical theory and he is a multi-instrumentalist. Also, he has that priceless talent to make people things they otherwise wouldn't dare. He has the discipline to fully focus on just that single phrase, that certain chorus, the song as well as the whole context of the album until it is as good as it could ever be."
The 11 songs all written or co-written by Seal together with Mark Batson and Alan Griffiths. Among the musicians in the studio were Chris Bruce, Tim Cransfield and of course Gus Isidore as well as keyboarder Jamie Muhoberac. Plus the drummers Earl Havin and Ian Thomas and Luis Jardim on percussions. Seal himself played keybords and bass guitar on some songs:
"I could work under perfect conditions, leading to the highest level of creativity. It felt as if I had cracked a code - I think, right now, I am in the most creative phase of my life, and I think you can hear that on the album."

added August 26 2003:
SEAL's Back in the Charts!
Finally, everybody - at least in Europe - can hear new Seal-stuff in the radio. Love's Divine is played all over here in Germany and elswhere, too, I guess. A beautiful song, very warm, creeping slowly through your ears into your heart - and not as cheesy as these words or what I thought when I first heard it. Also, for those with an ear for finer detail... there is quite some stuff to be found in the arrangement...

added August 26 2003, thanks to Daniel Parkinson-Vermeil:
Some Release Dates
Seal IV, the new album, is expected to be unleashed to the UK on September 15th and in Germany a week later!
Belle And Sebastian's new album is complete and is penciled in for an October 13th release!

added July 16 2003:
!! SEAL IV !!
It's there - almost: The new Seal album is scheduled for release in September. The UK date ist set for September 9th, the international release will be a week later.

From what I could hear so far the classic sophisticated production work of Trevor Horn shines through again, competeting with yet emphasizing the suede shine of Seal's voice.

This is the tracklisting of Seal IV:

1. Get It Together
2. Touch (which Seal likens to the 2003 version of "Violet")
3. Waiting For You
4. Love's Divine
5. Don't Make Me Wait
6. Where There's Gold
7. My Vision (new mix of the collaboration between Seal and Jakatta in 2002)
8. Tinsel Town
9. Loneliest Star
10. Heavenly
11. Let Me Roll
12. In My Shoes or Surrender

You can hear/purchase some of the songs on, the official site that has finally been updated.

added May 1st 2003, thanks to Daniel Parkinson-Vermeil:
BREAKING NEWS: Seal + Trevor Back Again!
So far, we only heard rumors about the immaculate duo Seal and Trevor Horn working together again on a new album. Now, it seems certain! According to Music Week Magazine Seal's fourth album is ready for release and has indeed been produced by Trevor Horn!

The album is scheduled to be released in July through record company WEA. The first single called 'Get It Together' (what a great symbolic choice regarding Seal's and Trevor's clashes, and the long way back to cooperation...) is bound for release in June. That's all for now, more as soon as I get it!

added March 1st 2003, thanks to Steven Tallach:
Belle and Sebastian Team Up With Trevor Horn
The Scottish Indie Group will start recording their forthcoming album next week. Trevor will be producing the entire cd. It is due the next summer and will be released on the label Rough Trade.

On their website, Belle and Sebastian described how they came to the conviction that Trevor should be their new producer. When he first visited them, he explained that he never used tape, and instead would always record directly into the computer. Of course the band, being a 'good' indie band was shocked! But then Trevor Horn said the following - quote from Stuart's diary at the Belle and Sebastian site:

'Think of it like this' he said. 'We had an outside toilet when I was a boy. I used to like going outside to use the toilet. You get very used to it. But I wouldn't have an outside toilet now.' And after he said that there was a moment of thoughtfulness and then you could see some of the care lifting from various member's faces. Myself included. And I think that's when we all threw our lot in with him.

added March 1st 2003:
t.A.T.u. Everywhere!
Meanwhile the girls climbed the German charts, too. Congratulations, Trevor Horn! And I have to admit that they are living up to some of the well calculated smell of scandal that accompanies and pushes the hype:

1. Two weeks ago during a concert in Czech Republic the two girls Lena and Yulia started fighting, instead of the usual 'oh-my-god-they-are-kissing-each-other' routine. The catfight ended with Yulia having to get some medical attention. Hillarious!

2. One of the musicians who worked on the album, Sergej Galoyan, claims to have written the song "All The Things She Said", and is now sueing the record company Universal.

I really can't wait for their next single which is going to be called 'Simple Motions'. 'Nuff said, I guess. :-)

added January 22 2003:
More t.A.T.u. News
Though I would not like to compare the girl-duo t.A.T.u. to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, it looks like the rather un-subtle way of provocation still works. Our master's two 'look-they-are-shockingly-gay-oh-my-dear-I-am-fainting' girls earn lots of airplay-time and worried commentaries almost all over the world. From the axis of pure good, the USA, it has been reported that an anti-t.A.T.u. civil rights movement has officially been formed to fight against the two immoral girls from Russia, the former empire of evil. Granted, their ..err..catchy quote 'All a schoolgirl really needs is sex!' is probably too much for the American way of taking everything literally ;-).

On a rather sober note, I can confirm that t.A.T.u.'s 'All the things she said' is finally getting ready to start conquering the German charts. There are three versions been played:
1. The English version
2. A Russian version with English chorus.
3. A completely Russian version.
All three share the same instrumental arrangement. However, I can't find the song in the Top 100 yet.

Several teen, lifestyle, and gay magazines currently feature articles about and interviews with them. The even did a stretch of erotic photos for a German magazine (no, they are not available from here). Right now they are on a promotional tour through Germany.

They have been on #1 in Switzerland for the past five weeks and are at #3 in France. In Germany, even though they get a lot of airplay, they still did not enter the Top 100.

added November 13 2002, by and thanks to Mark Wasiel@BlueBoard:
t.A.T.u., Trevor, the USA vs. Europe... Facts
On comparing the Russian and latest version of the t.A.T.u. album, Trevor's influence may seem rather minor at first. He has tweaked an album that was "good" into an album that sounds "great!".

By tweaked, I mean none of the songs sound radically different. They've just been improved. He definitely wasn't involved with the Russian album (which has two or three tracks not on the U.S./UK/European release btw).

When I first listened to old one versus the new album, it was hard to tell the difference, especially on All The Things She Said, but the differences are there. Those of us with an eye for details... etc etc!

The U.S. release keeps getting bumped. The album is now out Dec 10th.

This is Trev's return back to popularity. #3 single in the US for two weeks with no radio airplay (radio still refuses to play it because - I assume - it doesn't fall into tradition category in the U.S.), chart action is crazy (from

Italy #1 (3rd Week!)
Spain #1 (2nd week!)
Holland #2 (2nd week!)
Norway #2 (#5)
Finland #10 (HP #5)
Belgium - New Entry at #24

The single is also at #25 in the Music and Media HOT Singles European sales chart

ALBUM CHARTS - The album debuts this week are as follows :

Italy #6 (gold album in Italy already...)
Spain #17
Belgium #24
#1 in Tel Aviv

Hopefully, the U.S. media should pick up on this and it will hit off well in the States next month.


added October 25 2002, thanks to Jordan Feinman and
Seal And Trevor Do It Once Again
It looks like the recent split between Trevor Horn and Seal is forgiven and forgotten - Trevor is back on (several) track(s) producing Seal's next album, which is carefully scheduled for summer 2003.

On Seal is quoted with: 'Seal told me that Trevor is on board for this project and that the working chemistry between the two of them is something he feels will allow him to bring out the true Seal sound.'

As of yet the title of the new album is unknown. Seal's favourite still seems to be 'Togetherland', the name of the unreleased fourth album he recorded after his (now temporary) split with Trevor Horn.

Among the many songs he is working on, six are known to make it definitely through, according to They are: Love Divine, Waiting For You, Touch (a song Seal described as the 2003 version of Violet), Loneliest Star, Where There's Gold, and Get It Together.

For all the latest on Seal you should really check out

added August 13 2002:
Off Topic But Inevitable
You MUST get your ears on Peter Gabriel's new song 'The Barry Williams Show' - sadly not produced by our master, but one of the best songs I have heard in years.

That odd, special feeling you get when you go out to follow your ears to discover layers and layers of a deep, beautiful work of accoustic art - the rewarding revelation I longed for for such a long time..err.. is back! Anyway, get yourself the song and listen to it at least 85 times in a row, come back and nod in awe and agreement.

There is a stream available at Geffen Records. On good days the real audio stream is top quality. Check it out. But don't get caught! And do some extra worshipping of our master's work in compensation afterwards!!

added August 11 2002, found on the BlueBoard, thx to Mark Wasiel:
More Details On t.A.T.u. - TCH Interview
Trevor Horn's collaboration with the Russian girl-duo t.A.T.u. is finally taking visible and hearable shape. According to Mark Wasiel (his site), who got a pre-release copy of the girl's album. Horn seems to be involved in the whole thing according to the very sound of each song.

So far the album '200 km/hr In The Wrong Direction' looks like this:
1. not gonna get us 4:22
2. all the things she said 3:34 (First international single. This version mirrors the Russian arrangement perfectly so it's slightly different than the one in the video)
3. Show Me Love 4:16
4. 30 Minutes 3:17
5. Malchek Gay 3:08
6. How Soon Is Now 3:15
7. Stars 4:07
8. Clowns (Can You See Me Now) 3:12
9. Ya Shola S Uma 3:33 (All The Things She Said Russian original version)
10. Show Me Love (Extended Version) 5:09

Also, on their official international website, Trevor Horn spoke about his work with the girls.

'Musically, they remind me a little bit of Propaganda, the German band that I worked with a little bit in the early Œ80's. They have that sort of European sound mixed with a certain heaviness.'

'What's around these days is kind of a bit 'fakey.' There's something 'not fakey' about t.A.T.u. and about what the song's about.'

'It's kind of pop on methadone. I don't know. It's just sort of their sound. It's quite European. It is a little bit Abba-esque in a kind of strange, distorted way.'

'Normally, if someone sings a song, I'll make a constructive comment or do something to keep the process going along. You know, it's my job. But, when you can't speak the language, there's not much you can do. And, of course, the girls would constantly use a Russian word that meant 'shit.' Every time they sang, they'd say 'that was shit,' in Russian.'

'There's just something fresh about them.'

Check out the whole interview here!

added August 1 2002:
Trevor Goes To Hollywood Once More
Roughly a year after the huge success of Faith Hill's and LeAnn Rhymes' Horn-made movie songs, another one is ready for the charts: The soundtrack of the newest Tom 'War is Cool' Clancy movie 'The Sum of All Fears' features the Horn-produced ballad "If We Could Remember" sung by gospel singer Yolanda Adams. The original score comes from Jerry Goldsmith.

added Summer 2002:
Propaganda 'Outside World' Released
ZTT and Repertoire have released a new Propaganda Collection with rare (re)mixes of their old and legendary material. Since it is a ZTT classic it comes in different (meaning confusing) versions with different track listings as well as differing quality. More on this annoyance (maybe) later!

So far, there are two official relaeases. The standard one, with one cd, and the limited one (1000 editions) packed in a fancy silver case, containing the standard-cd as well as a dvd. The listing:

The CD:

1.Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (13th life mix)
2.Lied (Remix of "The Chase")
3.P.Machinery (Beta mix)
4.Duel (Bitter sweet)
5.The lesson (remix of Dr. Mabuse)
6.Frozen faces (12" version)
7.Jewel (Vocal edited version)
8.P.Machinery (Connected)
9.Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (DJ Promo Version)
10.Femme Fatale (The woman with the orchid)
11.Echo of frozen faces

The DVD (Limited edition only):

1.Dr, MAbuse (Version 1) (DVD-Track)
2.Dr. Mabuse (Version 2) (DVD-Track)
3.Duel (Version 1) (DVD-Track)
4.Duel (Version 2) (DVD-Track)
5.P.Machinery (DVD-Track)
6.Dr. Mabuse (TV commercial) (DVD-Track)
7.Duel (TV commercial) (DVD-Track)

added April 17 2002:
Trevor Horn and Mohammed Ali
Trevor Horn produced a song for the new Michael Mann movie 'Ali' starring Will Smith. David Elliot's 'Bring It on Home to Me' can be found on the soundtrack.

Mr. Horn is also credited with something called 'on-camera music supervision' for the film. Does anyone know what this means? Comments welcome!

updated April 17 2002, Thanks to 'Zteven' at the ZTT Mailing-List:
A New Horn Production With Provocative Potential?
Apparantly Horn is the producer of the newest album by a Russian girl duo called Tatu. It consists of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina who are signed to Universal Music Russia.

The following was posted to the fan-controlled ZTT Mailing-List

Russian Teen Lesbians To Conquer Pop! Trevor Horn unveils "next Frankie"

Trevor Horn looks set to recapture his Frankie-era glory with his latest production project - Tatu.

Tatu are a Russian girl duo, featuring Yulia and Lena. (15 and 16 years old, respectively)

They were put together last year by a sinister psychologist-turned-advertising-guru called Ivan Shapovalov, who hit on a unique marketing gimmick - teenage lesbianism.

Tatu's single Ya Soshla s Uma ("I've Lost My Mind") tells the story of a lesbian love affair between the two young girls. Needless to say, there is a video which features them feeling each other up.

from January 2002, by and thanks to Wouter Weyland:
'The Unwanted' 1977-78, Interviews 80s-90s
Wouter Weyland wrote:
A stunning collection of recordings from any artist you can find in the National Sound Archives of the British Library. This tip I got from an author's right organization. Their search logic is BOOLEAN (with "AND", "OR" between the keywords). You will find listed about 5 or more Trevor Horn interviews from UK radio or TV broadcasts, dating between 1984 and 1999.

And at least as interesting: The National Sound Archive stocks recordings of THE UNWANTED. It's by Everblue Music, which we know from the seventies as the supposed music owner of the early Trevor Horn productions. This Everblue thing and the mention in 2 Trevor Horn interviews is too obvious for me that Trevor Horn is the producer though uncredited. Most of the Unwanted available is reissued material.

Three singles:
"Withdrawl", "1984" (1977), "Secret Police" (1978)

LP Secret Past (1985 reissue)
LP (various artists) Oh No It's More From Raw (Raw Records, 1978, RAW L2)
CD [Raw Records Punk Singles?] (Anagram, 1993, CDpunk14)
Freedom [live recording at The Roxy, London, jan. 1977, National Sound Archives, 1LP0020621 D1 S1 BD3 RECEIVER) probably on some album too at Receiver or Harvest Records.

For the National Sound Archive, surf to
For the punk CD surf to

from January 2002, by and thanks to Wouter Weyland:
History: 'It Was The Best Thing I Ever Did'
Wouter Weyland wrote:
In 1986, Trevor Horn recorded a single with Amanda Lear called 'Where Are They Now' but the record company turned it down. It was a rap record about people in the showbiz and she said about it 'It was the best thing I ever did'


So do we have two turned down recordings now by Amanda Lear, one set of demoes for a rock album in 1981 and a rap single in 1986? Both those artists and records should deserve far and far better!

from early 2002:
'Seasons Of The Moon' Project
Trevor Horn and his wife Jill Sinclair apparently helped to make an Israely Internet-Project created around poetic religious/philosophic texts possible. It is called 'Seasons of the Moon - The Jewish Year Seen Through Its Months'. So far I do not know if any or what kind of music it contains. Input on this is very welcome! (But no more political rants about the Israely-Palestinian conflict, please! This is a site about Trevor Horn...)

Anyway, please check out the beautiful web sites under this link.

from early 2002, from the ZTT website:
Propaganda Archive Collection
After the apparent success of Franky Goes To Hollywood's Archive Collection ZTT and Repertoire Records have announced the release of a Propaganda Collection called 'Outside World'.

Two different releases are planned. One will consist of an eleven-track CD containing various 12inch versions of Propaganda's early hits. The second release will in addition to the CD contain a limited edition DVD containing several music-videos and TV commercials. The track list will follow soon.

from fall 2001:
Relax Cover - 'Zoolander' Movie
Along with the 80s parody/comedy 'Zoolander' starring Ben Stiller there came some remakes of 80s pop-songs. One of them is a cover version of Relax performed by an act called Powerman 5000.

The record tries to catch some of the raw energy that was always revolting/trying to break out from under Horn's polished arrangement in the original. With this version this is done by the 'bad-ass'-type of 'singing' by Powerman 5000's vocalist Spider One which is surrounded by smooth synthesizer sweeps. However, IMHO it sounds more like me trying to scare my little sister. My first impression therefore was that of a parody of the original song. Anyway, under this premise the cover is a worthy try.

To find out more about Powerman 5000 check out this site.

from fall 2001:
Big Hit for Horn Production - Strike Two
Faith Hill's 'There You'll Be' - like LeAnn Rimes' 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' written by Diane Warren - was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Song Written for a Motion Picture at the 44th Grammy Awards this year. The song was produced by Trevor Horn and Byron Gallimore.

It can be found on the soundrack release for the movie 'Pearl Harbour'. The main score for the movie comes from old Horn-pal Hans Zimmer, by the way!

To find out more about Faith Hill you may check out this site.

from fall 2001:
Big Hit for Horn Production - Strike One
Trevor Horn produced some songs for American country-singer-beauty LeAnn Rimes. One of them 'Can't Fight The Moonlight', written by Diane Warren, can be found on the soundtrack for 'Coyote Ugly' and became a rather big hit, at least here in Germany. It is a solid, very 'American-sounding' production with a catchy hook - obviously a hitsingle. Apart from his name on the record's credits I could not find any specific trace of Horn's genius on this record. Do not get me wrong - it is a solid perfect producion. But is has nothing specifically Hornesque like the stuff he got famous and praised for.

To find out more about LeAnn Rimes you may check out this site.

added September 3 2001:
Relax Cover?
Currently, some unconfirmed rumors are circulating, saying that US-group Limp Bizkit are in the studio, recording a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Relax'. It is said to be used as the title song for an upcoming movie.
edited fall 2001:
Apperently that was wrong. The only confirmed cover of Relax is the one done by Powerman 5000 (see above).

added August 10 2001, Thanks to Wouter Weyland:
Studio News
Trevor Horn has been or is still working on an album by Dove, one of the tracks will be a cover of Joan Armatrading's "Love And Affection".

added August 10 2001, Thx to TheMgnt a. others at the ZTT Mailing-List:
Frankie's Rare&Legendary 12"s Compilation!
Repertoire Records from Hamburg, who last year obtained the rights for old ZTT stuff, are re-releasing some of the best and rarest 12" tracks from Frankie Goes To Hollywood in a two-CD compilation.

Most of these mixes were done by the old ZTT crew, and have never been released on CD before. Some of them were very very rare even at their time. Most of these made remix-history even by today's standards. Everybody must listen to the "Fruitness Mix" of Welcome To The Pleasuredome!

This compilation has been co-selected by several fans. ZTT and Repertoire simply didn't know how many mixes there were! ;-)
Scheduled release date will be August 13. There are two versions of the two-CD Set:

German Repertoire version:

01. Warriors of the Wasteland (Attack mix Feat Gary Moore) 6:30
02. Relax (New York Mix) 7:22
03. Two Tribes (808 State Remix) 5:07
04. Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Fruitness Mix) 12:11
05. Rage Hard - Stamped 4:59
06. Warriors (of the Wasteland) (Attack Full) 9:52
07. Watching the Wildlife (Die Letzen Der Menschheit) 10:12
08. War (Hidden) 8:32
09. Disneyland 3:05 (tbc.)

CD 2:

01. Warriors (of the Wasteland) (Turn of The Knife - Mix) 8:08
02. Two Tribes (Video Destructo Mix) 6:11
03. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Escape Act Video Mix) 5:08
04. Rage Hard (Freddie Bastone Mix) 6:59
05. Power of Love '93 (Alternative Mix) 5:07
06. Relax (Sex Mix) 16:23
07. Watching the Wildlife (Hotter) 9:06
08. Rage Hard (Broad) 8:28
09. Two Tribes (Hibakusha Mix) 6:35

UK version has a few differences:


1) Relax - Sex Mix
2) Two Tribes - Hibakusha Mix
3) Welcome to the Pleasuredome - Fruitness Mix
4) Rage Hard - Stamped
5) (Don't Lose What's Left) of Your Mind
6) Watching the Wildlife - Die Letzen Der Menschheit
7) Warriors of the Wasteland - Attack mix Feat Gary Moore
8) War (Hidden)
9) Rage Hard - Freddie Bastone Mix


1) Welcome to the Plesuredome - Escape Act video mix
2) Warriors of the Wasteland - Attack Full mix
3) Two Tribes - 808State remix
4) Disneyland
5) Rage Hard - Broad
6) Watching the Wildlife - Hotter
7) Warriors of the Wasteland - Turn of the Knife
8) Power of Love '93 - Alternative Mix
9) Relax - Peter Rauhofers Doomsday Club Mix

German cd details:
CD 1:

101. WARRIORS OF THE WASTELAND (ATTACK MIX FEAT. GARY MOORE) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 6:31 ZTT UK 12 ZTAK 25 A 2 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00346] (1986)
Only available on a limited promo-only 12" which was planned for a third "Warriors" 12"-release in 1986.

102. RELAX (NEW YORK MIX) (Gill / Johnson / O'Toole) 7:23 ZTT UK 12 ZTAS 1 / A- 2 U-1-1 (1984)
The classic 12"-version of "Relax" is number 3 in a release-series of 3 different 12".

103. TWO TRIBES (808 STATE REMIX) (Gill / Johnson / O'Toole) 5:06 ZTT UK 808 FGTH 808 III FGTH [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00351] (1994)
This remix is from 1994 and was only available on a 1-sided white label promo 10" which came in red and much rarer blue vinyl. 1 copy exists in yellow.... It was only mailed out to DJs to promote the re-release of "Two Tribes" in 1994.

104. WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME (FRUITNESS MIX) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 12:07 ZTT UK 12x ZTAS 7 / A - 2U - 1-1 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00342] (1984)
This remix is taken from the limited 2nd 12" of "WTTPD".

105. RAGE HARD - STAMPED (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 5:03 ZTT UK ZTAX 22 (1986)
Taken from the very limited remix 7" of "Rage hard".

106. WARRIORS (OF THE WASTELAND) ATTACK FULL (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 10:01 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00350] (1986)
B-side of the "Attack"-12".

107. WATCHING THE WILDLIFE (DIE LETZTEN TAGE DER MENSCHHEIT) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 10:24 ZTT UK 12 ZTE 26 / A - 1U -1 - 1 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00345] (1987)
Taken from the 3rd 12" of "watching the Wildlife" in 1986. Remixed by Klaus Schulze.

108. WAR - HIDDEN (Whitfield / Strong) 8:35 WARTZ 3 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00347] (1984)
12" part 3 in a series of 4 "Two Tribes" 12"s.

109. Disneyland (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 3:05 IQ 6 - A - 2 (1985)
An early recording by FGTH taken form the ZTT-sampler "ZTT Sampled".

CD 2:

201. WARRIORS (OF THE WASTELAND) (TURN OF THE KNIFE - MIX) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 8:13 ZTT UK 12 ZTAX 25 / A - 2 - 1 - 1 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00355] (1986)
Taken from the 2nd 12" of "Warriors"

202. TWO TRIBES (VIDEO DESTRUCTO MIX) (Gill / Johnson / O'Toole) 6:13 Originally released as a stereo mix on a Swiss WEA promo-video-compilation (1984)
Originally released in 1984 on a UK promo video IN MONO ! Re-released in 1994 on Swiss WEA instore-promo-video-compilation IN STEREO

203. WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREDOME (ESCAPE ACT VIDEO MIX) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 5:50 ZTT UK - Video- Tape [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00349] (1994)
Only available on a UK-1-trk. promo-video in 1994

204. RAGE HARD (FREDDIE BASTONE MIX) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 7:00 ISLAND USA DMD 987 /ST-50743-sp [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00348] (1986)
Only available on a US-promo-only 12" in 1986 (here un-edited) - which also includes a short remix and a dub/instr.-version of this mix. NOTE: this version comes from a fan owned DAT.

205. POWER OF LOVE '93 (ALTERNATIVE MIX) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 5:09 ZTT UK FGTH 3 CDX [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00356] (1993) Only available on CD in 1993 which comes in a limited edition individually numbered box set in 1994

206. RELAX (SEX MIX) (Gill / Johnson / O'Toole) 16:24 ZTT UK 12 ZTAS 1 / A - 1U - 1 - 1 / or : 1 A 5 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00340] (1983)
This mix is taken from the 1st edition 12" of "Relax" which was available for a short time only in 1983. Followed by 2 other 12"-versions this one is the rarest of all 3. The follow-ups to this one are an 8:20 min.-edit of the original 12" mix and the well-known 7:23 min. US-Mix / New-York mix.
Ed. Note: The "Sex Mix" is the first remix of "Relax". Trevor (on this site) explained that he really didnt know what to do with the mix, and so he simply played some samples of Holly and his mates screaming. Also, he just threw all sorts of stuff in a bucket with water... for 16 long minutes... Later while visiting a club in New York, Horn realized what a well mixed 12" version can do, and returned to the studio - a few days later the legendary "New York Mix" was born...

207. WATCHING THE WILDLIFE (HOTTER) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 9:09 ZTT UK 12 ZTAS 26 / A - 1 U - 1 -2 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00354] (1987)
Taken from the 1st 12" of "Watching the Wildlife", follwed by 2 others: "Watching the Wildlife (Movement 2)" and "Beobachtungen im wilden Leben".

208. RAGE HARD (BROAD) (Gill / Johnson / Nash / O'Toole) 8:28 ZTT UK 12 ZTAX 22 / A - 1U - 1 - 1 [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00353] (1986)
This mix is taken from the 2nd 12" of "Rage Hard"

209. TWO TRIBES (HIBAKUSHA MIX) (Gill / Johnson / O'Toole) 6:36 ZTT UK [ISRC: GB-AHW-01-00341] (1984)
This mix is taken from the 4th "Two Tribes" 12" which was limited to 5000 copies only.

added April 25 2001
More Re-releases Ahead
Repertoire Records (Hamburg, Germany) are going to release the FGTH singles 'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' and 'Relax' with the original version, the remixes and the original video in a digipack. They are further planning to release some of the old rare remixes! Re-releases from the Art Of Noise, Propaganda and 808 State are in preparation as well. No precise dates have been given yet, so watch out!

added April 22 2001
Steve Lipson News
On April 30 Geri Halliwell's new single will be released. It has been produced by Trevor's former assistant Steve Lipson, who recently also worked with Ronan Keating. According to Dev Gill from the ztt mailing list the song 'It's Raining Men' clearly profits from Lipson's handwriting. It has "a huge soundscape on it - reminiscent of these no-holds barred ZTT records from the early 80s", Gill wrote. I can't wait to check it out myself.

added April 17 2001, Thanks to Dannyhero
Trevor Horn's Current Projects
After the success with his music surrounding 'Coyote Ugly' and pretty LeAnne Rimes, Trevor Horn has been working on the music for another Hollywood movie: 'Pearl Harbor' together with Faith Hill.

Still no release date has been given for Trevor Horn's very own 'Best Of' album. However, according to sources he is still working on it and the project is far from dead.

added April 14 2001
Face the Horror!
Of course not related to Trevor Horn, I have nevertheless added a new section at the bottom of my link-list called 'Pure Musical Horror'. In the future, I will use this corner of the site to point out in a not-so-serious way some true lowlights of the music industry. I hope you will like it, please check it out! But beware... do NOT listen!

added April 13 2001
...New Category: "Revealed - The Early Days"
Thanks to one of the most outstanding contributors of this site, Wouter Weyland from Holland, I have added a new category called "Revealed". In there you can find his extensive research about Trevor Horn's very first endeavours as a producer during the dark and hairy seventies! Wouter did a great job, it is a must read!
You find the link on the left under the 'extras' label.

added April 13 2001, Thanks to 'Mikey'
Video Interview with Trevor
The new site conducted a video interview with Mr. Horn. Very impressive! They also feature several other great producers like Richard Nowels...
Check it out!

added April 13 2001, Thanks to Wayne Gateley
Terry Reid Plays Unknown Song From Trevor?
Under this link you can find a real audio interview with Terry Reid from March 2000. Towards the end he plays a song apparently produced by Trevor Horn.

added April 12 2001
...And Suddenly There Was A Relaunch!
Yes! The site is back up. I completely reworked the design as well as most of the code. I hope you like it. Actually, there is still some trouble (Netscape...), so I am still tinkering on it. I also have a lot of new content which will follow shortly. Thanks for keeping faith!

added December 31 2000
On the Site
Welcome back everybody. This site was idle for nearly five months. I would like to apologize for that. I was very very busy in my job, moved to another town (headquarters...), and in addition I had to work on another web project, etage zwo besides my usual busy tv-news work. I will hopefully soon have time to fill all the gaps and bring the latest from Trevor Horn up on the web. So, please bear with me!


added July 28 2000, Thanks to Wouter Weyland:
More Research On Trevor Horn's 'Dark Ages'!
Thanks to Wouter Weyland's awesome research there is now a lot more info available about the earlier times of Trevor Horn's work which so far has been pretty unclear and in parts wrong in my biography section. It has been moved to the new 'Revealed' section in April 2001.
Great work, thanks, Wouter!

added July 28 2000, Thanks to Patrick Gigase
More on the FGTH Re-Issues
'Welcome To The Pleasuredome' comes in a cardboard digi-pack and contains the original tracklisting with the 7" single versions of 'One September Monday' and 'One February Friday' added as extra tracks. 'Liverpool' comes with two extra tracks, 'Don't Lose What's Left...' and 'Suffragette City'.

Both disks have a fresh, more dynamic sound thanks to remastering. Especially the legendary bass sound benefits from that and comes back to a roaringly noisy life.

We can also expect an @pollo 440 of 'Two Tribes' in August and a DVD compilation ('Maximum Joy') in the fall.
The remix cd of 'Two Tribes will also contain a remix by Olab Basoski (the guy who last year remixed 'Bring It Back' from Moloko and made the song a hit in this version). Currently the maxi is already available as a DJ promo.

Thanks to US band Bloodhound Gang some of FGTH/Trevor's glory re-entered the charts and minds of the present generation: Their song 'Mope' contains a slightly beefed up sample of the chorus from 'Relax'. Large parts of the song are also based on the sampled basic 'square dance' groove from the classic song with its characteristic sampled e-note bass quarters and the octlet-piano note. While the samples sound quite nice IMHO (there is also a sample from the late Falco's classic 'Rock Me Amadeus') the Bloodhound gang really ows their success with this particular song to the European musical heritage they sampled into that otherwise rather average song.

added July 18 2000, Thanks to Patrick Gigase:
Trevor Goes To Hollywood - and other stories
After working with his old 70s friend Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack for 'Toys' a few years ago, Trevor Horn now apparently wrote(!) and (of course) produced the music for the new Jerry Bruckheimer movie 'Coyote Ugly' (starts in August across the US) on his own. Check out the official web site for the movie here until I can supply you with more details about the project.

Currently he is producing the new album of Italian superstar Eros Ramazotti due to be released in Fall (make that Summer 2001 ;-) ).

According to ZTT the long awaited 'Trevor Horn Archive Collection' will contain 28 of his master pieces and is still bound to be released this year.

More about his work with Charlotte Church that mentioned here earlier can be found right here and here.

added July 18 2000:
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Re-releases and a Ripoff Warning
While most true fans might already know about this, there can't be enough warnings that for quite some time now a fake 'Frankie Goes To Hollywood' band from the US tours the States. Do NOT go to see them! They have nothing to do with the original band and can't even play their songs right. They are not endorsed by the original band either and apparently do not even pay them anything for (ab)using their name!

Instead you might want to buy some original re-releases brought to you by the German company 'Repertoire' (contact Sales & Distribution) in Hamburg. The re-released singles/albums are:

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasure Dome (2 bonustracks: One September Monday / One February Friday) (REP 4896)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool (2 bonustracks Don't Lose What's Left Of Your Little Mind/ Suffragette City) (REP 4897)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (maxi cd)(REP 8024)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Bang! (REP 4898)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The WEhole 12 Inches (REP 4899)
Art Of Noise - Who's Afraid Of (Statue p/s!)(REP 4895)
Art Of Noise - Seduction / Reduction (2 cd) (REP 4902)
Art Of Noise - Daft (REP 4894)
Propaganda - A Secret Wish (REP 4900)
Propaganda - Wishful Thinking (REP 4901)

Also, check out Spin magazine for interviews with the original(!) band members.

added July 18 2000, Thanks to Patrick Gigase:
'New' New Art Of Noise Album
The recent reanimation of The Art of Noise with the album 'The Seduction of Claude Debussy', where Trevor Horn of course, just to mention it, sings, plays the keyboards and his old favourite electric and double bass, and teams up with Anne Dudley (keyboards, orchestral arrangements, vocals), Paul Morley (vocals, keyboards) and Lol Creme (guitar, vocals, keyboards, visuals) again, apparently wasn't enough: With 'Reduction' the refounded band has their second album out. It mostly samples works from 'Seduction' and was produced by Trevor Horn, Paul Morley and James Banbury. It features the works of some old regulars in Trevors acoustic realm, namely Anne Dudley, Jamie Muhoberac, Tim Weidner, Lol Creme, Trevor Horn, Paul Morley, Rakim, Paul Waller (Spice Girls), Earl Harvin, Jeremy Stacey and James Banbury. Check out the tracklist here.

added July 18 2000, thanks to Patrick Gigase:
Propaganda - Duel Y2K Remix
Over at the official Propaganda site you can download a nice remix of their classic hit 'Duel'. You find the link under the according section of this site :-)

added February 8 2000
Singles List Finally Online
I finally managed to put the spreadsheet DannyHero compiled into Html so that no one has to wait any longer for The List of single's produced by Trevor Horn! Please check it out!

added January 29 2000
5th Anniversary - Update Status - Future of the Site - AON UK Concert Date - Some Raw News
I can hardly believe it myself, but the first edition of this site has been uploaded exactly five years ago! Yes!

Still, updates have been slow recently, and I would like to apologize to all the faithful and supporting visitors and contributors for that. However, I have been drowning in work the past months and probably won't have much more time for this site until early spring, so please bear with me! Nevertheless, I plan to expand this site in the intermediate future. With the arrival of the forthcoming Best of Trevor Horn album and several deductions of the recent Art of Noise cd there would be several possibilities of enhancing the site and refreshing the older parts of it. In short, I am looking forward to an exiting year 2000!

Btw, The Art of Noise are due to play London's Sheps Bush Empire on Wednesday, 22nd March 2000!

I did not yet get to listen to the BBC documentary from December, many thanks to all the people that offered to send me a copy! I will try to come back to you soon about that. It was an hour long radio show, and it featured interviews with Trevor Horn, Paul Morley, Kevin Godley, Geoff Downes, Martin Fry, Jim Kerr and Brian Nash. On another documentary charting the history of the pop video which appeared on British Television, he recounted how Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax' video was sent to him for his first viewing while he was in New York working with Foreigner. He recounted how Foreigner were shocked and disgusted that he would work with people like that!

Thanks to 'DannyHero' there are some more random facts on Mr. Horn's past and present works, as well as some trivia. I will post it here in raw format until I get the time to weave it into the respective articles:

Currently he is credited as executive producer on Dove's Don't Dream It's Over and produced Davids Daughters Dreaming Of Loving You. They are both on his ZTT label. In 1979 he and Geoff Downes remixed The Jags's Back Of My Hand under The Buggles. They also worked on a track by Dan-I called Monkey Chop. In 1987, he produced Mint Juleps' Every Kinda People AND the follow up to their single Girl To The Power Of 6. Trevor edited The Only Rhyme That Bites by MC Tunes Versus 808 State. Although MC Blues a.k.a. Nicky Lockett (and now in Dusk Junkies), he said to me that he never saw Trevor Horn when he was working on his album and was unhappy how the album was marketed albeit the lack of it. He was involved with the Band Aid single Do They Know It's Christmas? and since then you can see him credited as co-producer with Midge Ure.

What is the connection between ZTT and Tom Watkins (Massive Management, who managed the Pet Shop Boys (before 1988) and Bros?) Answer: Tom Watkins designed the art work on Frankie Goes Hollywood singles and all the art work for the Art Of Noise and Propaganda. Yep Tom was a talented art designer before he moved into managing pop groups.

In a fall 1999 edition of 'Music Week' magazine, Trevor Horn was asked to commission a piece of music for the Millennium celebrations which apparently (can anyone confirm this?) made its debut at the Millennium Dome 31st December complete with fireworks. Trevor Horn has said it will be music taken from the recently released Art Of Noise project about Debussy and will reissue that album as a limited double CD, containing the commissioned music, sometime in the new year.

Holly Johnson was set to release his version of 'The Power Of Love' on his own independent label 'Pleasuredome', however I did not get to hear it yet.

This is all I have for now. Thanks to everybody for the kind words and support. I do my best to answer everyone's mail and requests and wish you all a happy new year...better late than never!

added November 7 1999
Try Trevor Horn - Download Carpet Crawlers 1999!
The remake of Genesis' Carpet Crawlers can be downloaded for free from Steve Hacket's website. (It was also available from the official Genesis site but they took it down a few days ago). I can really recommend the 5meg MP3 download, for it is a great demonstration of Trevor's production brilliance! I like it so much that I even bought it on cd! It proves Trevor's unsurpassed qualities as an arranger, controlling several independent guitar, bass and synthesizer tracks seeimg to 'compete' viciously against each other and against sophisticated percussions for the attention of the listener. The characteristic voices of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins seem to have a hard time to stay on top of the awesome instrumental backing of the song. In perfect interaction with the lyrics of this 1974 classic the music takes you on a journey with twists, turns and surprises. This track really is Trevor at his best! Wow, I just got carried away... no wonder after just having listened to the track 12 times in a row. Yes, I really love it, and, no, I do not get any money for praising the song or for getting you to download it. Anyway, catch it here! Do it before they take it down for good!!

added November 7 1999, thanks to Alison Vernon-Smith:
BBC Documentary about Trevor Horn
According to Alison Vernon-Smith, a producer at the BBC, there will be an hour-long documentary about Trevor on BBC 2 on the 18th December 1999! ...I yet have to figure our how to get to listen to it since BBC probably isn't available on the central European continent.

added November 7 1999, thanks to Jeff Grote:
AON US Tour Impressions
The reborn Art Of Noise made a brief concert tour through some clubs in the United States. Among the few lucky people who managed to attend one of their concerts was Jeff Grote. Read his impressions, posted by kind permission of the author! You might also want to check out another review by the Boston Globe. Catch it here.

In case you did not check it out yet: Read the exclusive report of Trevor Horn's surprise appearance with the Buggles in December 1998 in London including pictures right here!

added November 7 1999, thanks to Mark Wasiel:
'New' Trevor Horn Artist. Charlotte Church
Apparently Trevor Horn has been working on at least one track for very young singer (about 15[?]) Charlotte Church for her forthcoming self titled album. Sony Music is putting it out on the US on November 16. Charlotte has the voice of a much older opera singer. Apparently the track is some kind of pop-classical cross-over thing as the song, 'Just Wave Hello' was listed in the one-sheet as 'the new single'. The rest of the album is all classical type material.

added November 7 1999, thanks to Mark Wasiel:
'Video Killed The Radio Star' Re-release
On November 15 the biggest Buggle Hit will be re-released on cd single in the UK. Any track details and whether the cd is connected with the upcoming Best of Trevor Horn Archives (Best of) CD could not be established yet.

added November 6 1999:
Trevor Horn Chat
On October 8 Trevor Horn spoke to those fans, including me, who managed to get into Yahoo's ungodly Java chat system. The moderated chat allowed us to throw some questions at the master who was on his cell phone, apparently stuck in traffic jam somewhere on the US West Coast. You can find excerpts and a link to the transcripts under the 'extras' link on the left.

added September 14 1999, thanks to John Morley:
Trevor Horn Interview on RealAudio
In a not-too-un-recent interview for a radio station Trevor Horn and Lol Creme speak about their latest reenactment of the Art Of Noise. You can listen to it here.

modified September 14 1999, thanks to Jordan Feinman:
Forthcoming 'Best of Trevor Horn' Album delayed
According to the ZTT homesite, the so called 'Trevor Horn Archive Collection Vol.1' is now scheduled for release in early 2000. Originally it was due in late September 1999. It is supposed to be 'a comprehensive collection charting 20 years in the music business'. There is also a special single going to be released accompaning the album. As soon as there are further details released you'll find them here. So far the only song that I know for sure to be on the album is the Pet Shop Boys' 'Left To My Own Devices' since they told me during an interview for my network when they visited Cologne during Popkom 1999.

added June 3rd 1999, thanks to Jimmer:
Genesis Are Back- With a (Vintage) Vengeance!
It seems that Mr. Horn will be producing a re-recording of Genesis's classic Carpet Crawlers. The band Genesis will be reuniting with the Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett/Tony Banks/Mike Rutherford lineup to record this track for a greatest hits package. More on that soon - right here!

added June 3rd 1999, thanks to Patrick Gigase:
Art Of Noise
The Art of Noise are back - with Trevor Horn...and a new single, too. The album will follow shortly! Interested? Please check out their official site! More on that soon - right here!

added February 6 1999:
Seal and Trevor - Breakup and Reunion - The Facts
On MTV News Seal spoke about the reason behind the temporary breakup with Trevor Horn. After a more or less violent argument in August 1997 Seal and Trevor quit working together and Seal started to work with another producer, Stu Levine. However, last July they returned to working together.

On November 30 Seal told MTV:
Well, we fell out to put it bluntly,but then I think that's the thing about any working relationship or creative working relationship, if they tend to be successful, they also tend to be tempestuous. I think that's largely because you have two creative minds, personalities, working together and it's not as if Trevor is just a producer. He's also an artist. The fact that he produces records, you know, it's coincidental. But he is a bass player by trade, and also he's a singer and he has fronted a band before, a couple of bands actually. So you really, if you put the two of us together in a room, yes we have, I hope, great creative moments, but there can also be tempestuous times. Particularly when you are striving for something new and you don't want to repeat yourself. I guess it would be similar to that of a band situation, so we fell out, and we kissed and made up and we finished the record. That's basically what happened.

On the liner notes of his latest album Seal reprinted what seems to be transcript of one heavy argument with Trevor:

Artist: why can't you just do what I fucking ask, man?
Producer: Well, if you were here more, you'd see that i've been trying!
Artist: I shouldn't have to be here all the time. You're the producer, aren't you. so. What you're saying is that the track's finished, bar the vocal, that there's nothing more to do. Is that correct?
Producer: Yes
Artist: Why is it so keyboard heavy? I said that I didn't want to use too many keyboards? Where's my guitar track. Where's Chris's guitars?
Producer: Michael. Where's Chris's guitars?
Artist: What are you asking Michael for?
Producer: Well, I wasn't here when he was laying them down.
Artist: So. Michael's making decisions on what's right for the songs, now, is he. Why do the guitars sound like that? Anyone can hear that they're not right. It's no wonder you didn't put them in, in the first place. I mean, if what you're telling me is that Michael's producing, I don't know why I don't just pay Michael the fucking four points. What were you doing whilst Michael was producing?
Producer: I'll tell you where I was. I was comping your fucking vocal while you've been off at some fucking wedding in the south of France, that's what I've been fucking doing? I've had enough of this shit. I won't be talked to like this anymore. Come on, Steve, pull the board down, we're going home!!

added February 5 1999:
Still here
I just wanted to let everybody know that I am still alive, but television work and (M.A.) graduation at the university keep me away from Hornesque pleasures. However, I hope to add more background info on Seal's new album, Trevor's - Buggles - live - appearance in London and other stuff, soon.

added November 9 1998:
Re-release of Malcolm McLaren's Buffalo Gals
Whoever wanted to get his hands on a CD version of one of Trevor Horn's brilliant ground-breaking tunes from the early days should get 'Buffalo Gals Stampede' from Malcolm McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team versus Rakim and Roger Sanchez. In addition to two 'technichally updated' versions it includes the original mix by the entire Trevor Horn team from the early eighties, which later became The Art of Noise. To find out a little more about the making of 'Buffalo Gals'from McLaren's 1982 album 'Duck Rock', check out the ZTT section on this page!.

added November 5 1998:
Seal and Trevor are back
Despite all troubles Seal and Trevor finally managed to release the new album Human Being, according to British magazine Q. The first single with the same name sees it's release on November 2nd. The album is bound to hit the shelves on November 17. Here in Germany, the release has been delayed, the single will not be available before November 30, the album might come even later. Until I find the time to finally get my hands on it, check out all the details on the new record at The News Page from FLP!

added June 23 1998:
'Fresh Meat for Uncle Trev and Auntie Jill'
Apparently Trevor Horn is running out of TA's (Technical Assistants - see under his team,). In the June 1998 edition of Audio Media on page 133 there is an advertisment in the appointments section that reads as follows:

Hard-working, ambitious, recording/mix engineer required for excellent career opportunity in West London.
Must have sufficient studio & Pro Tools experience to work with a world class, award-winning record producer.
Please send CV to:
PO Box 314, c/o Classified Dept,
AM Publishing Ltd, 11 Station Road,
St. Ives, Cambs PE17 4BH, UK.

It has been verified that this ad was set up directly by Sarm. According to a source, who ought to know, this advert is obviously for Tevor Horn's TA, since he is the only producer on the Sarm roster who's personnel would be directly employed by the Sarm organisation. What is unusual is that they are starting to advertise (although in a secretive manner). A former personnel manager at Sarm West is reported saying that they very rarely had to advertise for positions as they get inundated with CV's on a daily basis. Of course, I hope that the Master will soon have as many suitable TA's as he needs, so that all the great records that have been announced will finally come out!

added March 24 1998:
Academy Awards
Although not directly related to Trevor Horn, I would like to mention that Art Of Noise's Anne Dudley just won an Oscar for her music for the motion picture 'The Full Monty'. Wow!

added March 22 1998:
Trevor Horn's Current Projects
According to his official website (see my Links Page) he is currently working on the following albums:
The Frames D.C. (2nd Album!)
The Pretenders
Lee Griffiths
...and of course: The Art Of Noise.

Neither any details about how many songs of the records he actually produces himself, nor any release dates are given.

Oh, and The Master apparently was in a romantic mood when he decided to produce Richard Marx (no kidding!) and Donna Lewis for their lovely duet "At The Beginning" (is this the end?!) for the soundtrack of the cartoon movie Anastasia. Ah well, ...but it's perfectly done as usual!

added Feb 5 1998:
Waiting For New Records, and getting a strange Mail...
Not much of "public interest" seems to have happened. The two releases most people who read this are probably waiting for is the new Art Of Noise album (with Trevor) and Seal 3 (without Trevor - totally?) My earlier suggestion that Trevor Horn might have developed a more conservative/commercial approach towards music because he quit smoking dope (see below) has created some reactions. A not-to-be-named but credible source confirmed that he still smoked/smokes "creative substances" while working with Lol Creme on the new Art Of Noise Album, and a staffer from Sarm UK even sent me this strange email titled 'website inaccuracies':

"These vicious romours that Trevor Horn has given up smoking dope are completely without foundation. He is not working on Public Demand any more and in fact they have parted company with ZTT!!!!! At the moment he is working on a new ART OF NOISE album so watch out."

Well, who am I to argue with's the voice of one the many minions of His Realm....

Furthermore there has been a correction of some older news. I already figured out that the Volvo Station Wagon is driven by Trevor's Technical Assistants... Now, however I can even tell you what car the master himself drives! Yes! That's investigative journalism at its best! It is a Chevy Suburvan, nicknamed 'The HugeMobile'.

added Sept. 1997:
Seal and Trevor Horn separate
According to the Future Love Paradise web site (and a source in Canada, who's email(s) I digitaly lost during my move to the US and who I wish to thank at last!!) Seal and Trevor Horn had a violent (fist) fight while working on Seal's third album in Vancouver, which led to Trevor Horn leaving for England and Seal continuing work on the album without a producer. It is said that the reason for the fight was that Seal no longer agreed with Horn's tendency to overproduce his music. This overproducing had been mainly responsible for the delayed releases of Seal's albums in the past. The third album was first planned to be released on Christmas 1996. It has now been postponed to January 1998.

added sometime after the invention of electricity:
Art Of Noise are back!
Trevor Horn teamed up again with former Art Of Noise members, at least with Anne Dudley and Paul Morley, to produce a new Art Of Noise album. They have been recording for almost two years now, both at Trevor's studios in Oxfordshire and in London. The first single is supposed to be in its last production stages at Sarm West Coast in Los Angeles. The album is planned to be released Christmas 1997. The musical idea behind the album is to fuse the modern "drum and bass" rhythms coming out of London with adaptations of songs written by classical composer Claude Debussy at the turn of this century. Former Godley&Creme Lol Creme is responsible for the visual side of the production. Long and short form videos and adoptions for the Internet are planned. One of the visual ideas is to bring to life the Black Lady, a character who regularly appears in Lol Cream's artwork, as the virtual lead vocalist, Mrs. Euphoria Bliss ( Mrs. Headroom...?). She is currently being built in three dimensions in the computer and will be animated by a new motion capture system, which - according to Lol Creme - is today's state-of-the-art technology and is still very much in development.

Back To The Roots?
So, Former news's "Big shock announcement" has to be revised: Trevor Horn obviously seems to back off some from the boygroup business! According to two sources former "ZTT-Priority-Act", a boygroup called Public Demand has been dropped. So, Frankie say, no more TCH sponsored "black answer to the Backstreet Boys".

Some older Trevor Horn fans like me (I am 25 and therefore apparently fairly "old" when it comes to record company's audience targeting surveys) were already panicking after he started to work with "Boyzone". Their song "A Different Beat" had been remixed by Trevor Horn and was then released as a single. Although I thought it was a nice song, it is very "routine off-the-assembly-line work" (excuse my bad English, please). Although it does sound like Trevor's work (well placed guitar and piano parts, wide stereo image...), it is a little too predictable and way too neat. Well, I guess it has to be like that, otherwise the teens would be frightened (Frankie say... Relax). All in all It sounds to me like "Rod Steward for kiddies".

I hope Mr. Horn's music won't drift any further away from me. Maybe it's all about many musicians best friend, Marihuana... Maybe the reason for Trevor's changed taste/production-work is that he quit smoking dope, which -according to several (former) colleagues - he used to consume quite frequently in the Good Ole Days. However, I have no prove that he actually did quit, especially since I received some Emails denying it... And .... the return of the Art Of Noise definitely suggests that some traditions did light up again...

Much Older News
Although Trevor Horn once stated that he wouldn't be a good indy producer, he started cooperating with the band Frames DC last year. After he saw them at the MTV Music Video awards, he decided to re-record some songs for their album "Fitzcarraldo" . However, i.m.h.o. the songs still sound more indy like than "Trevoresque", which is great for fans of "high-quality-indy-sound" but maybe not so impressing for Trevor Horn fans who hope for a new Frankie Goes to Hollywood-like experience. I will write more on this subject later!

The soundtrack for the movie "Phenomenon" led to the first cooperation between Trevor Horn and Brian Ferry, an artist who has also been very aware of some special "sonic appearance" of his music. Horn worked with Ferry on the song "Dance With Life (The Brilliant Light)" written by Bernie Taupin and Martin Page. "It's always a great experience," asserts Horn, "when you get to work with an artist like Bryan, who you admire greatly but may not have the chance to produce, an entire album with. It's pan of the wonderful chemistry that only soundtracks can really afford."

Most of Tina Turner's last album "Wildest Dreams" has been produced by Trevor Horn. In a radio interview, Tina Turner said that she had always wanted to work with Trevor, since she heard the song "Slave to the Rhythm", but it proved difficult to reach him, because, according to Tina, "he is working so much and spends most of his other time with his family." Asked why actor Antonio Banderas talks in the background of "In Your Wildest Dreams", she said: "It was Trevor's idea. He said the record needed an American voice and I liked the idea, because most women like Antonio at this time." (Does Antionio Banderas really sound that American?). In another interview, Tina said, that she fell in love with Sting's song "Fields of Gold" and asked Trevor to create a song with the same feel. For the sake of the ultimate Sting-feel, Trevor then rang up Sting. The result can be heard on track four ":On Silent Wings". On another song, "Dancing in My Dreams", Trevor seems to show some local-patriotism, as his hometown Durham Cathedral Choir gets to support the gospel-like melody. It was said that Trevor Horn decided never to sing again, after his bad performances on the Yes "Drama" - tour (and aside from his short screaming in the Video to Godley&Cream's "Cry"). However, he does sing on Tina's latest CD! "The Two Trevor's", Trevor Rabin and Trevor Horn perform on track three, "Missing", as backup singers.

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