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  • For the Brave: Pure Musical Horror - Beware!
  • General Music Ressources
  • Official Sites

  • Trevor Horn Official. Sparse but including a discography.
    ...Btw, the work on the site took very, very long... it might have been Trevor himself tinkering and editing around with the new ProTools 44bit stereo HTML homepage editor (please don't ask me where to get that Tool, it is only available to really distinguished tinkerers) ;-)
  • SPZ Holdings Limited. - The company behind Trevor and his crew.
  • Sarm Studios. Want to breathe some Horny air? Book some time in the studio! This is the real deal.
  • ZTT Records. Offical Site - Came finally online late in the nineties...
  • SPZ . The company behind it all. For official business inquiries.
  • Perfect Songs. The publisher of Trevor Horn Productions.

  • Art of Noise. Official site - seems to be down or in reconstruction at the moment
  • t.A.T.u. The Russian girl duo - slapped up for the West by Trevor Horn.
  • Seal. Offical site
  • Pet Shop Boys. Official site.
  • Lisa Stansfield's. Official site.
  • Hans Zimmer. Official site of his company Media Ventures.
  • Holly Johnson's home on the net, where you can view his art and buy his music.
  • Brian Nash's site, check out the former Frankie member's new music!
  • Geoff Downes' Blog The former Buggle speaks out.
  • ASIA. Official site (more about Geoff Downes).
  • Lol Creme's (ex Godley&Creme) Homepage is frozen in time...
  • Propaganda. Official site. With not much happening though...

  • Fan-Sites

  • 'Zang Tuum Tumb and all that’. All the records, lyrics and the covers! A Must!
  • FISONIC Home. House of the legendary Trevor Horn Discography!
  • Buggles. Brief but very informative site.
  • Rush World. Seems to be temporarily closed. A very informative and funny Site mainly about the earlier years of Trevor Horn's career.
  • Buggles. A parody site.
  • Lazlo's Discography Machine. With the complete ZTT discography and a mailing list.
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Simply the best site there is. Full of sound and vision. Unique content and now more or less official
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Another nice site - in French.
  • Seal. Clay's site wasn't updated for quite some time now.
  • Future Love Paradise. One of the oldest and best Seal sites.
  • Art of Noise. An excellent fan-site.
  • Propaganda discography. A complete reference can be found here.
  • Yes Discography on the internet.
  • Museum of Yes. By Yesman.
  • Where are they now? Interesting Trevor Horn section at this site about former Yes members. Unfortunately the webmaster refuses to link to unofficial sites like this one, even though he obviously reads them... ;-P
  • Fragile. A Yes Tribute Band from Britain.
  • Andrew Poppy, Interesting and funny site. Not produced by Trevor Horn, but one of the more charismatic ZTT artists
  • Lisa Stansfield. Finally one of Britains most famous voices teamed up with the master: Fan site with exclusive content. You need to register but its free and worth it.

  • Music Production Ressources

  • Extensive site about record production with lots of info about our favorite producers. Also features a Video Interview with our master!
  • APRS. (Association of Professional Recording Services) - More about Gary Langan, Steve Lipson and other pro's.
  • Digidesign Pro Tools. His Master's Toys.
  • Steinberg. The more or less affordable alternative.
  • KVR-VST. Everything about your virtual studio, from homerecording to professional equipment.

  • Other Favorite Artists

  • Peter Gabriel: Another man with very, very fine ears... and looong production cycles.

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: Totally unpredictable, a true genius.

  • Ennio Morricone: Duck, you Sucker... - aside from Hans Zimmer maybe my all time favorite modern classic composer. Extensive site only in German, but English version will be available soon.

  • Lisa Gerrard: The brilliant voice of Dead Can Dance as well as Hans Zimmer's Gladiator Soundtrack.

  • Fun Lovin' Criminals: ...I just know I'm not bad to love - so why the face, girl...? Scum1's extremely laid back site. Make sure that Barry White saves your life, too!

  • Bootsy Collins: Now, our favourite - the funky guitar. I am motherfunkin' home, baby! Nonesense with a groove - Or: The sound that made it legal for yo armpits to stank...!

  • Deep Forest: Great and massive site about the French group around the outstanding producer Michael Sanchez.
    You may also try this fan site. It is not up to date but still contains some interesting material.

  • a) Zucchero: He is the most successful musical act in Italy ever. Also, many western stars get a whole lot of their ...err.. inspiration from him:. If you liked Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' listen to the original: 'Madre Dolcissima' by Zucchero. If you like 'Stranger in Moscow' - try 'Iruben Me'. Seal's latest single 'This Could Be Heaven' also reminds me very much of Zucchero's sound.
    b) What makes him so unique? A lot derives from his awesome producer Corrado Rustici. He also has his own site.

  • Yello: At least during the 80s they were incredible... . Hopefully they can get back to their old form!

  • Now something problematic: Learn more about advanced sampling techniques and professional groove-programming by listening to Michael Cretu's project 'Enigma'. However, try to avoid listening to the silly pseudo-philosophic lyrics or even his own voice... a pity, really. Imagine him producing a true singer and songwriter!

  • Pure Musical Horror - Beware!

  • In case you are wondering what happened to the great German/Austrian musical tradition of Bach and Beethoven, Mozart and Mahler, and why I am so focused on the UK and France when it comes to music, check out Germany's most successful 'musical' act ever (no kidding, sadly!).

    This accoustic atrocity is called 'Modern Talking'. For fifteen years and more than ten (thousand? million? ...did somebody say cockroaches?) albums they managed to release the same shitty song again and again - and make it to the top of the charts each time!!

    They are the final proof that history DOES repeat itself. However, at least one of them, the blonde guy named Dieter Bohlen who is also the man mainly responsible for these Crimes Against Musicality knows what he is doing from a philosophical point of view, he has a great sense of humor combined with a scary openess and rude habits, as I could find out several times when being forced by my tv-network to interview him (and even see him in concert)...

    So, make sure your eyes and especially ears are SHUT before clicking here. You have been warned! As with all external links, I am not legally liable for any damage that might occur to your from clicking...

  • Since every country has its dark spots in cultural evolution, even the ever neutral Swiss can't be spared. They have bred something called DJ Bobo. He keeps proving with each song that every father should tell his daughter to avoid guys with 'DJ' as their first name!

    His lyrics are supposedly English and sound somewhat like:
    'I cannot sing, I cannot dance, lets trotzdem be friends! Oh what a pitty, my lyrics are so shitty... etc.'

    ('Trotzdem' means 'nevertheless' in German). However he is a really friendly and humorous chap who just keeps trying, and he is genuinely dedicated to his 'musically challenged' fans, something that has to be seriously appreciated... uhm as long as the power is turned off, that is.
    (Tell me why I am not surprised that the domain of his site is called 'musicaliens' - scary!)

  • General Music Ressources

  • Ian Peel is a DJ and journalist with an interesting site.
  • A great site: Freaky Trigger Pop Music Fanzine.
  • Mark Wasiel's excellent Newmusicmachine.
  • The WWW Music Archive
  • And another Index: The Ultimate Band List
  • The Trevor Horn Worship Hall -
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