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April 14 2007:
News update.

October 22 2006:
News update.

April 20 2006:
News update.

April 19 2006:
News update.

April 18 2006:
Big News update.
Links updated.

August 30 2005:
News update.

April 2nd 2005:
News update.

November 26 2004:
Added a artwork of the Buggles that Buggles fan and drawing artist Dory Ann Schafner submitted.
News update.

November 21 2004:
Added a REVIEW of the forthcoming "Produced By Trevor Horn" album!

November 17 2004:
News update.

November 15 2004:
News update.

November 12 2004:
News update.

November 10 2004:
News update.

October 20 2004:
News update.

October 12 2004:
Posted the survey results in the News section.

October 11 2004:
News and Links updated.

October 9 2004:
News and Biography updated.

October 7 2004:
As time goes by, the technical development goes further - therefore I adjusted the hardware specifications of Trevor Horn's divine spirit to the newest ProTools (TM) hardware capabilities...
...Wonder what I am babbling about? Check out the front page!

News and Links updated.

September 17 2004:
Rewrote large parts of the Biography, adding a lot of new information and quotes.
News updated.

July 22 2004:
News and Credits updated.

July 11 2004:
News updated.

October 27 2003:
News updated.

October 19 2003:
...Been gone for quite some time. Now back again.
...Big News, as well as a Team and Links update.

August 26 2003:
News updated.

July 16 2003:
Added a new Survey.

July 16 2003:
News updated.
Links updated.

May 1st 2003:
News updated.

March 1st 2003:
News updated.

January 22 2003:
News updated.

November 13 2002:
News updated.

Noember 1st 2002:
Links page updated.

October 30 2002:
Finally updated and corrected the Master List of All Horn Produced Singles! Thanks a lot to Daniel Parkinson-Vermeil for the research!

October 29 2002:
Added embedded audio to several pages. Feedback welcome. If you travel through the site at regular speed you should hear something. The files are still pretty big, but everything works as planned, users with slower connections though they might not hear anything should not be otherwise bothered by the browser loading the sound files. (Details).

Also corrected, added and update some links ond the links-page.

August 11+13 2002:
News updated.

August 8 2002:
Links page updated. New and corrected Frankie-sites...

August 2 2002:
NEW! A personal letter by Trevor Horn. You can find it here - under the tch.person section of the menu on the left. Check it out!

August 1 2002:
News updated.

April 25 2002:
A very small update of Trevor Horn's Biography: I corrected his birthplace, thanks to one of his sisters for that!

April 11-17 2002:
Long time no see... a lot of work, especially since a certain day in september, kept me away from this site. Also had to travel around for more work... These days I am planning several updates. Along with trying to catch up with all the news of the past months (scroll down on the news page), there will also be some changes made to some other existing parts of the site. For now check out the first News updates. Cheers!
Also added a more refined LEGAL NOTES and DISCLAIMER note.
And added a link to the 'Blue Board' under TCH related fan sites links.

September 3 2001:
News updated.

August 10 2001:
News updated.

June 1 2001:
Uhm... Today I bought myself a digi-cam (Fuji FinePix 6800Zoom) and had to take and add a recent picture of me to the site on the same day...

May 25 2001:
Lisa Gerrard added to 'Other favorite Artist' links.

April 29 2001:
Biography partly updated. New chaper: "Trevor, 'The Buggles' and: ...Hans Zimmer".
Added Zucchero and Corrado Rustici under the 'other favorite artists' links.

April 25 2001:
News and Links updated.

April 22 2001:
Preliminary 'about' Section added. News update.

April 21 2001:
Two fan sites added to the links.

April 17 2001:
News and Links updated.

April 14 2001:
New 'Horror' section under the links. Please check out the for details.

April 13 2001:
First of several news and links updates to come. Added awesome 'Revealed' section. Check it out under 'extras'! Also added the chat transcript from 1999 under 'extras'.

April 12 2001:
Relaunch of this site with new, slim and fast design, new structure, news... basically a complete overhaul!

December 31 2000:
Not a real update, just a reminder that the site is still there under News.

July 28 2000:
News update.
Links to Thomas Dolby site and to Mark Wasiel's Newmusicmachine added.

July 18 2000:
First major update after a long time while I was too busy to work on the site. News will be regularily updated from now on. Links updated/corrected.

April 18 2000:
Complete re-design of the site. Slimmer code, no more Java. Should be more compatible with different browsers, and load much faster now. New content will follow soon.

February 8 2000:
List of singles added to biography section.

January 29 2000:
News update.

November 6/7 1999:
News, links, pictures update, added AON Live Report, added a special message...

September 14 1999:
News update, updated biography section with information on British group 'Dollar'. Thanks to Paul Dukes!

June 19 1999:
News update, Pictures update.

June 5 1999:
Badly needed optical overhaul!

June 3 1999:
Added an exclusive report! News update.

February 6 1999:
News update! Updated my low-tech personal homepage.

February 5 1999:
Small News note to you, invisible/technical improvements of the site. Pages should load much faster now.

November 9 1998:
News update.

November 5 1998:
Real life kept me away from TCH much too long, but better late than never: News update about Seal's new album - despite all troubles PRODUCED BY TREVOR HORN!

June 27 1998:
Completely Revised Trevor Horn's Biography - Check it out! Also updated "Music and Technology" and the ZTT Section.

June 23 1998:
Updated News section, small update of 'The Team' section.

June 22 1998:
Moved over to!! Many thanks go out to Rush Wickes for hosting my site. Also redid the 'noframes' version of the pages for older browsers.

June 21 1998:
Redid the frames layout for better readability on lower resolutions. Final preparations for move over to server.

March 24 1998:
Small News update.

March 22 1998:
Major Update - News and Links section, new/corrected official Sarm addresses, direct link to a quicklist of all artists Mr. Horn worked with added to the bio section; fine tuning of the Welcome/Introduction page.

March 21 1998:
Added this page; optical overhaul, finally opened myself to the world of Java. Thanks to the cool coders!

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